Tips Of Soft Plush Toy Washing In Coarse Salt

- Nov 23, 2018 -

The plush toy is dirty and will not easy wash. The girl teaches you tips, quick cleaning, convenient and practical.

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The plush toys in life are the favorite playmates and home accessories for children and girls. They often have intimate movements with plush toys, which makes the soft toys easy to get dirty and contaminated with bacteria, but the plush toys are very It is not easy to clean, especially some toys that can sound. It is difficult to clean. When people encounter this problem, most people choose to throw it away and buy it again or send it to the dry cleaner. In fact, it is not necessary to teach everyone to clean the plush at home today. toy.

Operating time: 35min

Material: coarse salt, doll, large plastic bag

1-3 big teddy bear

Operation process:

1. Put the doll in a plastic bag and sprinkle with coarse salt.

(Point: Here we use coarse salt, the cleaning effect will be better.)

2. Then shake the pocket tightly and let the coarse salt and the plush toy surface fully contact.

(Point: The length of the shaking time is determined according to the degree of dirty teeth, usually about 5 minutes.)

3. Open the plastic bag and you will see the salt turn black.

4, Plush toys have also become much cleaner.

1-4 plush stuffed teddy bear


You can easily clean the dolls with a few shakes, and don't need a drop of water. Have you learned this simple and practical method? Especially the dolls that sound at home can't be washed with water. This method can help you solve this problem! Take a shower with the dolls at home, if you have other ways to comment on the message below the video. At the same time, remember to pay attention to it, we will see you next time!

11-2 white bear toy

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