Plush Toys How To Wash? Proper Cleaning Cloth Doll

- Dec 15, 2017 -

Can be cleaned plush toys, the detergent into the basin, and according to a certain percentage into some water, with a general soft brush to agitate the basin of water, stir the rich foam, and then with a soft brush stained with foam will be Plush toys clean the surface, we must pay attention to the brush do not touch too much moisture. Clean the soft plush toy surface after the plush toys wrap up into the wash basin filled with water pressure wash, so plush toys can be cleaned of dust and washing liquid. Then plush the toy into a softener-filled basin for a few minutes and then pressure-wash it in water-filled basins until the water in the basin becomes cloudy. The clean plush toys are still wrapped with a towel, into the washing machine dehydration, dehydrated plush toys after shaping and combing on the ventilated place to dry, so your plush toys will be the same as the new.

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