How To Deal With The Baby's Teething Period?

- Nov 29, 2018 -

How to deal with the baby's teething period?  November 29, 2018

What should I do during the baby teething period? How to care when your baby teething? You have to know that the whole baby is irritated during the baby's teething period, is there any way to alleviate the discomfort? Let's take a look at what kind of care should be done during the baby's teething period?

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Baby teething, mother is both happy and worried, both hope that the baby can grow more white teeth can eat more things, but see the various discomfort of the baby during the teething period, and very worried. So, what are the common discomforts in the baby during the teething period? How to care? There are several discomforts and tips.

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Six major discomforts during teething


When the deciduous teeth erupt, they will stimulate the gingival nerves, causing an increase in the amount of saliva secretion, and the baby's mouth will become a "small river" with a mouthful of water droplets. Excessive secretion of saliva, if not timely and proper care, the skin around the mouth, especially at the chin and neck, is easily roughened and reddened by the stimulation of saliva, and then there is a saliva rash.

Second:Red gums 

Because the deciduous teeth need to "break out of the soil" from the gums, sometimes the baby's gums are red and swollen during the teething period, and occasionally there may be bleeding spots. In severe cases, swollen gums can spread to the sides of the face and around the ears.


The pain of the teeth will make the baby very uncomfortable, but the baby will not be expressed in words, it will become irritable and irritated, crying, and the former angel baby may suddenly become a small "devil".

Fourth:Loss of appetite 

Because of the swelling and pain of the gums, the baby's desire to eat is greatly reduced. Many mothers found that during the teething period, the baby's appetite decreased significantly and the amount of milk decreased a lot.


Some babies are accompanied by a fever during the teething period. This is a normal phenomenon. Teething is a small trauma, and the fever is the inflammation of the body's immune system against this trauma.

Sixth:Sleep retreat 

In the teething period, the pain of deciduous teeth will make the baby suddenly wake up from sleep, sleep unsteady, and even sleep backwards.

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Teething care tips

Cleaning the mouth 

The ability of the baby's mouth to resist external aggression during the teething period is weak, so mothers need to pay attention to the baby's oral cleansing. After the baby has finished drinking milk, he can give the baby a mouthful of water, and use gauze to warm the baby in the morning and evening. If your baby has teeth erupted, you need to brush your teeth with a finger toothbrush.

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The baby's gums will be itchy, swollen and painful during the teething period. Therefore, the mother can prepare some things for the baby to grind the teeth, such as molar sticks and gutta-percha, which can alleviate the discomfort of the teeth and transfer some attention to the baby. force.

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Adjust the complementary food baby's teething period, the mother should properly adjust the baby's "menu", in addition to the need to prepare calcium food for the baby, but also adjust the food traits. During the teething period, the mother can give the baby a little bit of hardness. For example, the apple no longer needs to be made into a muddy feeding. It can be cut into small thin strips for the baby to eat. It can also be used to grind teeth while eating. Patience to appease the baby in the teething period is more irritated, crying at the same time, "I can't say it", the baby is bitter, Mom and Dad should patiently comfort the baby.

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